Solidarity is our only weapon

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation monitors, since over a decade back, the situation and security of women human rights defenders globally. Solidarity is our only weapon builds on survey responses from 334 women human rights defenders (WHRD) from 74 countries and five continents. What threats and harassments do they encounter? How secure do they feel? Do their governments support them or are they part of the problem?

Hatred and threats against WHRD often target the activist’s “honour”, her motherhood and her family.

To find the strength and courage to keep working for women’s rights, many of the WHRD interviewed for this report refers to the need of solidarity within the feminist movement.

“The one weapon we have is solidarity among each other. We don’t need to think the same to be in solidarity, nor do we need to agree on everything (…). Just one word of support can make change happen.”
—Syrian women human rights defender

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29 November 2021