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Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine

Kvinna till Kvinna supports women’s rights organisations in Europe. We have offices in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Skopje.

The region provides a tough context: it is marred by rising nationalism, corruption and low public trust. Speaking up here can be dangerous: many activists face violent opposition.

Together with our partners, we prevent gender-based violence and support victims and survivors. We advocate for peace, reconciliation and minority rights. We work to ensure gender mainstreaming is part of countries’ road to EU membership.

We also have our head office based in Stockholm, and an office in Brussels focused on EU Advocacy (on all our programme countries and themes globally, including those in Europe).

Where we work in Europe

Advocating towards the EU—how Kvinna till Kvinna and partners make a difference for women in the Western Balkans



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"Supporting a strong and independent women's movement is a wise investment in a peaceful and democratic future for the Balkans."

– Ristin Thomasson, Regional Manager for the Western Balkans

Women’s demonstration on 8 March in Skopje, Macedonia. Photo: Emilija Dimoska / Kvinna till Kvinna

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