Report misconduct

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation is committed to preventing and stopping any kind of misconduct that might occur within the organisation. Misconduct includes corruption, illegal actions, discrimination, sexual harassment, conflicts of interest and other types of unethical behaviour.

Our stance on misconduct is to:

Kvinna till Kvinna defines corruption as an exploitation of trust, power or position which entails inappropriate advantages for someone – for example a person, an organization, a political party or a company. This includes bribe, extortion, favouritism, nepotism as well as conflict of interest, embezzlement and fraud. If you wish to learn more, please see our anti-corruption policy.

If you suspect any kind of economic corruption or misconduct, or wish to file a complaint against Kvinna till Kvinna or one of our partners, you can use the drop-down menu below to report this. Start by selecting the type of misconduct you wish to report and then complete the form with the information you have. You can remain anonymous when filling in the form and do not have to complete all fields. All complaints are treated confidentially.


Report suspected economic corruption

If you suspect a case of economic corruption, please choose Economic corruption in the drop-down menu below. Keep in mind that we can only investigate our own activities or activities financed by us. These reports are treated by Kvinna till Kvinna’s internal anti-corruption group, consisting of the anti-corruption advisor, head of finance and head of security. You can also reach the anti-corruption group at This email address is secure and with limited access.


Report other types of suspected misconduct

If you suspect other types of misconduct, such as discrimination, sexual harassment, conflicts of interest or other kinds of unethical behaviour, please choose Other types of misconduct in the drop-down menu below. These reports are treated by deputy secretary-general and head of security.


File a complaint

If you have other, less sensitive, complaints to report – that are not associated with corruption or other types of misconducts mentioned above – please choose File a complaint in the drop-down menu below. If you want to know more, please see our complaints policy. These reports are treated by the deputy secretary-general.