Report misconduct

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation is committed to preventing and stopping any kind of misconduct that might occur within the organisation. Misconduct includes corruption, illegal actions, discrimination, sexual harassment, conflicts of interest and other types of unethical behaviour.

Our stance on misconduct is to:

We encourage all colleagues, partner organisations and members of the public to file a complaint here if they have any suspicion of misconduct, including corruption, within the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation.

Keep in mind that we can only investigate our own activities or activities financed by us.

For general, less sensitive complaints (unrelated to misconduct), please use our regular contact form instead.

You can remain anonymous when filling in this form and do not have to complete all fields. All complaints are treated confidentially by Kvinna till Kvinna’s internal anti-misconduct group. Only the people in this group will have access to the information you submit.