The Space for Women Human Rights Defenders and LGBTQI Activists in Liberia

The world has seen an unfortunate development of shrinking civic and democratic space across the globe during the last decade. In Liberia, the general situation for human rights defenders is difficult. There are today no specific studies looking at how gender and sexual identity dimensions affect the work of human right defenders in Liberia.

Without proper documentation, human right defenders cannot engage constructively in lobbying and advocacy to draw attention to abuses. This is even more important for WHRDs and LGBTQI activists, as many of the threats and violence against them might be hidden behind the “normal” violence against women or hate crimes against LGBTQI persons.

This short report is part of a larger project that seeks to contribute to WHRDs and LGBTQI activists being better protected and being able to claim rights and undertake effective participation in inclusive democratic governance in Liberia. The purpose of the report is to give a brief overview of the current situation for WHRDs and LGBTQI activists in two counties in Liberia (Montserrado and Grand Bassa).

Download the report in english here