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The International Training Programme

Together with the Swedish Police Authority, we run an advanced International Training Programme (ITP) on gender-based violence. Participants from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova and Ukraine participate in the ITP to strengthen their capacity to prevent and respond to gender-based violence.

What is the ITP?

The International Training Programme (ITP) “Prevent and respond to gender-based violence – Strengthening agents of change” is commissioned by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

The progamme’s goal is to increase the capacity of organisations and authorities to prevent and respond to gender-based violence.

Participants acquire new tools and knowledge to apply back home and simultaneously become part of an international network that counteracts gender-based violence.

Between 2018 to 2022, the ITP will offer training to ten groups of 25 participants each.

Participants of the ITP 4 during a session in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Vera Lundan
Participants of the ITP 4 during a session in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Vera Lundan

Who can participate in the ITP?

The ITP is primarily designed for mid-level and senior officials working with gender-based violence prevention or response in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova and Ukraine. Participants represent organisations or institutions with a mandate to (and interest in) working with gender-based violence in their countries. This includes:

  • Police
  • Prosecutors
  • Social services
  • Civil society organisations working with GBV
  • Shelters for victims of GBV
  • Health professionals
  • Relevant ministries

Why participate in the ITP?

As an ITP participant, you are offered five weeks of advanced training by experts, practitioners and academics – including three weeks in Sweden. During this training, you will receive both individual and group coaching to help you successfully implement projects for change. The programme is participatory and interactive. It allows you to network with qualified international actors from the public sector and civil society. All ITP training is conducted entirely in English.

How to apply

The most recent call for applications to the programme is now closed.

Next call for applications will open during fall 2021.

Programme brochure and information about how to apply will then be found here.


"I learnt a lot about other countries, the problems we face and similar ways of solving them."

“It was useful for me to see how Swedish institutions cooperate so well with civil society organisations, as this is really important for my country.”

– Marko Jusic, Women’s Rights Center, Montenegro

Photo: Vera Lundan


For more information, contact Anna Sundén, ITP programme manager: