The South Caucasus

Photo: Anna-Carin Hall / Kvinna till Kvinna

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgian and Abkhaz contexts

Our partners in the South Caucasus promote women’s rights and peace in the face of unresolved territorial conflicts, conservative ideas and an ever-shrinking space for civil society. Together, we support women and build peace in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgian and Abkhaz contexts.

Our work in the South Caucasus is coordinated from our regional office in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Nalbandyan Women’s Club in Armenia. Photo: Pi Frisk

Where we work in the South Caucasus

"Conservative groups are organising against women's rights."

“Despite this repressive climate in which NGOs are forced to close down, we have managed to provide continued support to women human rights defenders.”

– Elisabet Brandberg, regional manager for the South Caucasus

International Women’s Day demonstration in Yerevan, Armenia. Photo: Petra Hultman

News from the South Caucasus