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Transparency, responsibility and accountability

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation has a range of policies and procedures in place to promote transparency, responsibility and accountability.

Our Code of Conduct outlines employees’ responsibilities and duties. We are a member of the Swedish Fundraising Council and strive to sustainably invest our assets. As many of our partners operate in high-risk areas, we prioritise safety and risk management.

We also have strict anti-misconduct policies. You can file a complaint anonymously if you have any suspicion of misconduct.

You can find our foundation regulations here »

Code of Conduct

All Kvinna till Kvinna employees are bound to our Code of Conduct. This Code outlines employees’ responsibilities and sets rules for our interactions with others.

Among other things, Kvinna till Kvinna has a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination, abuse of power, association with drugs or any contact with organised crime, including human trafficking. We do not tolerate sexual abuse or harassment in any form. Visits to sex clubs or strip clubs are strictly forbidden, as is the purchase of sexual servicesfrom cash purchases or brothel visits to “private support” in the form of payment of bills, rent or school fees in exchange for sexual services.

Our Code of Conduct advises all employees to take a neutral approach in conflicts. In any contact with others, employees are asked to consider power dynamics, dependence and responsibility.

Read our entire Code of Conduct.

Fundraising control

Kvinna till Kvinna is a member of Giva Sverige (the Swedish Fundraising Association). Giva Sverige works to increase trust in the fundraising sector by quality-controlling organisations who raise money.

All Giva Sverige members are bound by a Code of Quality. This Code requires Kvinna till Kvinna to submit an annual impact report, describing the organisation’s goals and progress and how donations have been used. It also puts strict demands on us for internal control, sustainability and ethical leadership. The Giva Sverige Code of Quality is a way to report to our donors and strengthen their trust in us.

Our impact reports can be found in our annual reports: on page 5 of our 2022 annual report. Since 2013, Giva Sverige members are also required to let an independent accountant analyse their impact reports, to see whether they fulfil Giva Sverige’s quality requirements.


The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation is committed to preventing and stopping any kind of misconduct that might occur within the organisation. Misconduct includes corruption, illegal actions, discrimination, sexual harassment, conflicts of interest and other types of unethical behaviour. Find out more about our stance on corruption by reading our anti-corruption policy.

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation’s stance on misconduct is to:

  • Never accept
  • Always prevent
  • Always act
  • Always inform

We encourage all colleagues, partner organisations and members of the public to file a complaint here if they have any suspicion of misconduct.

Congolese woman speaking at an activity organised by one of our partners in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Photo: Bertin Mungombe
Congolese woman speaking at an activity organised by one of our partners in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Photo: Bertin Mungombe


Promoting sustainability is one of Kvinna till Kvinna’s strategic goals for 2016-2021.

As part of our sustainability efforts, we commit to investing Kvinna till Kvinna’s assets in an ethical, sustainable way. When making financial decisions, we always balance economic considerations with environmental and social considerations. Our investments are made with respect for the environment, human rights and fair working conditions. We only invest in actors who:

  • Follow international regulations aimed at protecting mankind and the environment
  • Take action to minimise their effect on the environment

We do not invest in the tobacco, arms, alcohol, gambling or pornography sectors. Read more in our investment policy.

We also promote sustainability by decentralising our organisation. In the past few years, we have increasingly moved operations out to our offices in the regions where we work. We strive to keep international air travel to a minimum, opting instead for online meetings and digital cooperation.


Many of the partner organisations Kvinna till Kvinna supports are based in war- and conflict-affected regions. That makes safety and risk management a priority for us: we want to be a safe partner for those we support and fulfil our Duty of Care obligations towards them.

  • We have developed a Safety & Security Policy
  • We have established Minimum Operating Security Standards
  • We collaborate on safety issues with other NGOs and networks, both in Sweden and in the countries where we work
  • We have developed and implemented a systematic approach to risk management across our organisation
  • We carry out annual risk assessments according to ISO 31000 standards in each of our offices
  • We approach our partnerships with partner organisations from a Do No Harm-perspective
Last updated or reviewed 1 March 2024
Published 3 October 2018