Where we work

Supporting women's rights in more than 20 countries

In the early days of The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, as war raged in former Yugoslavia, we began working in the Western Balkans. During the more than 25 years since then, Kvinna till Kvinna has grown considerably.

Today, we support local women’s rights organisations in 20 conflict-affected countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the South Caucasus.


Our four focus issues

  • Gender-based violence
  • Equal participation
  • Women, peace and security
  • Economic empowerment

We work in the MENA region, Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the South Caucasus

Our long-term vision

  • A world of sustainable peace based on democracy and gender equality, where conflicts are solved without violence.
  • A world in which human rights are respected and everyone can feel safe and secure.
  • A world in which women have influence over decision-making and participate fully and effectively in society’s development.

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