Who we are

Trial International, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photo: Imrana Kapetanović

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation has defended women’s rights since 1993. For every woman and girl’s right to be safe and to be heard.

Today, we are one of the world’s leading feminist women’s rights organisations, working directly in areas affected by war and conflict to strengthen the influence and power of all women. We work closely together with more than 100 partner organisations in 20 countries to defend women’s rights, achieve gender equality and justice, and reach lasting feminist peace.

Our vision

A world of peace and justice in which women have equal rights, power and opportunities.

Our key figures

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million in monetary support disbursed to women's rights organisations since 1993
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local partner organisations in 20 countries
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years of experience working with women's rights
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institutional donors whose funds we have managed
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Margareta Winberg and other female politicians in Stockholm in 1993.

Our beginning

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation is founded in 1993, when reports of mass rapes during the wars in Former Yugoslavia reach Sweden. The Swedish peace and women’s movements make a joint appeal under the name of “Kvinna till Kvinna” (Woman to Woman) and hold a series of fundraising initiatives to support women’s rights organisations in the Balkans.

Since then, Kvinna till Kvinna has grown considerably. Today, we work with more than 100 women’s rights organisations—not just in the Balkans, but in conflict-affected areas across the world.


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