Who we are

About us

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation promotes women’s rights in over 20 conflict-affected countries in the MENA region, sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and the South Caucasus. We do so by supporting 140 local partner organisations across the world.

Kvinna till Kvinna’s strategic course is set by the Board, while the organisation’s daily operations are led by the Secretary-General, Petra Tötterman Andorff.

Our thematic change areas

  • Feminist peace
  • Political and economic rights
  • Gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Feminist movements

Our long-term vision

  • A world of sustainable peace based on democracy and gender equality, where conflicts are solved without violence
  • A world in which human rights are respected and everyone can feel safe and secure
  • A world in which women have influence over decision-making and participate fully and effectively in society’s development

Kvinna till Kvinna's offices

Kvinna till Kvinna’s head office is located in Stockholm, where about 50 colleagues work.

We also have 13 country offices in conflict-affected areas. In total, about 80 colleagues work at these offices, most of them nationally employed staff.

Our country offices are located in Amman, Beirut, Belgrade, Brussels, Bukavu, Erbil, Jerusalem, Kigali, Monrovia, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tbilisi and Tunis.

Our funding

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation is able to support women in conflict-affected areas through financial support from government agencies, institutions, foundations, organisations, companies and individual private donors.

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Four facts about us

  • We are politically and religiously unaffiliated.
  • We have been working for women’s rights across the world since 1993.
  • We believe in local ownership and long-term partnerships.
  • We see gender equality as a prerequisite for peace and sustainable development.