Statements by The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation

Photo: Maja Janevska Ilieva

Civil society and democracy under attack in Georgia

31 May 2024

EU must pressure to stop Foreign Agent Law in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

15 May 2024

Obstetric violence in Gaza: new brief

6 May 2024

The inhumanity of Israel’s assault on Gaza

24 April 2024

No end in sight—the women of Ukraine need our continued commitment

23 February 2024

International community fails to protect women and children in Gaza

22 February 2024

We cannot stand by silently as the violence continues

22 December 2023

A temporary ceasefire in Gaza is not enough

23 November 2023

Support to women and children starts with a ceasefire

7 November 2023

The violence and killings of innocent civilians must stop

20 October 2023

Immediate ceasefire needed in Israel and Palestine

13 October 2023

The Nobel Committee acknowledges the important connection between peace and women’s rights

6 October 2023

The Nagorno Karabakh crisis: far from the end

2 October 2023

Human security as the utmost concern in Nagorny Karabakh

20 September 2023

We condemn the violations of Palestinian women’s rights and dignity in Hebron

18 September 2023

Stop human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls

30 July 2023

We must take immediate action against conflict-related sexual violence in Sudan

26 April 2023

International statement of solidarity—earthquake in Syria and Turkey

8 February 2023

Women’s vulnerability increases—Sweden must do more

31 October 2022

Brave women’s fight against Iran’s brutal regime

27 September 2022