Sub-Saharan Africa

Participants in a programme for young mothers run by Kvinna till Kvinna’s partner organisation Empower Rwanda. Photo: Gloria Powell

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia and Rwanda

We support local organisations who work for women’s rights and sustainable peace in several African countries.

Our goal is a future in which women have the same rights and opportunities as men to participate in society. We want women to be able to live a life free from sexual violence, abuse, discrimination and poverty.

Our work in sub-Saharan Africa is conducted from our offices in Bukavu, Monrovia and Kigali.

School girls in Uvira in South Kivu, the DRC. Photo: Cato Lein

Where we work in sub-Saharan Africa

“Happiness for me is speaking out and standing up for myself. I am not afraid to show I am a girl – with ideas and talent.”

– Francine Kasimba of our Congolese partner organisation CEDEJ-GL

Photo: Bertin Mungombe

million women and girls alive today were married off before they turned 18
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women and girls in west and central Africa had this happen to them

“Now, I have self-esteem, respect and dignity. I know I can contribute to society.”

– Yamah Kormah, who took part in a training on women’s economic empowerment, organised by our Liberian partner RWRS.

Members of our partner organisation, West Point Women for Health and Development. Photo: Bertin Mungombe

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