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Kateryna Khanieva and Nataliya Vyshnevetska from Ukrainian partner organisations Slavic Heart and D.O.M.48.24. Photo: Jakub Bors/TOWER FILMS
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Photo: Oksana Parafeniuk

No end in sight—the women of Ukraine need our continued commitment

Kvinna till Kvinna’s partner organisations in Ukraine offer a wide range of support to women subjected to violence, LGBTQ+ persons and women with disabilities. Throughout the past year, they have addressed immediate needs but have also had the opportunity to join a delegation of activists in Brussels to raise women’s rights issues ahead of Ukraine’s EU accession.

The endurance and commitment of Sweden and the international community to maintain attention and engage in Ukraine’s present and future are crucial for their success.


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The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation is one of the world’s leading feminist women’s rights organisations, working directly in areas affected by war and conflict to strengthen the influence and power of all women. We work closely together with more than 100 partner organisations in 20 countries to defend women’s rights, achieve gender equality and justice, and reach lasting feminist peace.

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We call for women’s meaningful participation, leadership and perspectives in peacebuilding processes.

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We advocate for the right of all women and girls to a life free from violence and call for their sexual and reproductive health and rights to be respected in conflict–affected contexts.

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We call for increased and tailored funding for feminist and women’s rights movements to make them stronger, maximise their potential to be influential and push back against shrinking space.

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