Kvinna till Kvinna in Israel

Kvinna till Kvinna has supported women’s rights organisations in Israel since 2001. In recent years, the militarisation of Israeli society has reached new heights. In this context, our partner organisations in Israel continue to advocate for peace, security, women’s empowerment and the rights of women from marginalised minorities.

Why we work in Israel

In recent years, there has been an upswing in violence and militarisation in Israel due to political tensions in the country and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Women – especially those from minority groups – have been hit hard by this development, as it has imposed direct restrictions on their lives. It has also affected their security and access to resources and opportunities.

Lack of political influence is long-standing a problem for Israeli women. Women hold only 28% of seats in parliament; Palestinian women with Israeli citizenship just 2 seats out of 120. Decision-making on security matters largely excludes women.

Minorities in the country (such as Bedouins, Ethiopians, Russian-speaking women, Mizrahi Jews and Palestinian women with Israeli citizenship) face particular challenges. They are discriminated against both by the patriarchal structure of the society and the law. Many struggle to access health care, day care and decent jobs, often working long hours on insecure contracts.

Women’s rights organisations operate under challenging circumstances. The current conservative climate restricts their freedom of speech, and those who are too vocal may face threats, arrest or even violence.

Despite this, our partner organisations continue to call for peace, justice and equal opportunities for women from all backgrounds.

How we support women in Israel

Together with our partner organisations in Israel, we:

  • Strengthen marginalised minority groups’ social, political and economic status
  • Combat violence against women, including gender-based violence
  • Put pressure on the government to respect and implement CEDAW and UNSC resolution 1325
  • Promote peace and campaign against the militarisation of society
  • Call for the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda
  • Empower young people through leadership training and encourage them to pursue higher education

Our work in Israel is conducted from our office in Jerusalem. We support both Israeli and Palestinian partners.

Campaigning for women's safety

In Israel, many security guards take ther weapons home after work. A 2011 study by our partner Isha L’Isha showed how keeping firearms at home increased domestic violence – especially against women. Isha L’Isha conducted a successful campaign for change: today, fewer security guards bring their weapons home, allowing their families to feel safe.

News from our partners in Israel