Environment is a feminist issue

Unraveling the threads—MENA context

The Syrian Female Journalist Network (SFJN) together with The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation led a collaborative exploratory initiative. Under the banner of “Environment is a Feminist Issue”, this endeavor, spanning from March to July 2023, not only unveiled the depth of these interconnected challenges but also provided a platform for women to share their experiences, thoughts, feelings, and solutions. This collaborative effort resulted in the culmination of a report, one that illuminates the intricate connection between environmental issues and the struggles faced by women in Syria.

Rula Asad, the author and main researcher of this project, co-founder, and former executive director of (SFJN), navigated the intricate web of environmental challenges, political dynamics, and media representation with a dedicated focus on justice and equity, through five meticulously curated webinars. Six speakers and experts from Syria and the MENA region made significant contributions to the discussions of the webinars.

We invite you to traverse the terrain of these dialogues, where the profound link between environmental struggles and the material lives of Syrian women was explored, illuminated, and embraced.

Download the report in English (pdf) 

Download the report in Arabic (pdf) 

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