World Bank Gender Strategy—recommendations from women’s rights organisations

The World Bank is one of the world’s biggest actors in development financing. It has vast powers and not a great history in advancing women’s rights and gender equality. To the contrary, many women’s rights organisations have criticised the World Bank for having a harmful impact on women’s lives through its macro-economic policies and programmes.

On the other hand, the World Bank was one of the first international development banks to develop a gender strategy. During 2023, a new 6-year gender strategy will be developed. A unique chance for the World Bank to become better at supporting the women’s rights movement and its agenda. And a unique chance for civil society to influence.

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation gathered partner organisations and women’s rights activists from conflict-affected regions to put forward recommendations and messages on what we believe is needed for the World Bank to do in the coming 6 years.

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