Position paper Economic Gender Equality (2021)

Kvinna till Kvinna supports women’s economic rights and equality through financial support to women’s rights organisations, groups and individuals, through projects pushing for legal reforms, labour rights, cooperatives and gender budgeting, as well as through more traditional women’s economic empowerment projects. We engage in dialogue with international financial institutions, monitoring and lobbying for flexible and increased funding for women’s rights organisations and for more gender responsive development financing.

One of the main obstacles for women to feel secure, protected and able to participate in conflict prevention and peacebuilding, is economic gender inequality and lack of economic rights. Women’s economic rights are currently not prioritised in the implementation of the Women Peace and Security agenda, but this topic must be addressed in order for peace efforts to be meaningful and sustainable.

This position paper aims at clarifying our position and recommendations on economic gender equality, including the links to conflict and weak governance; climate impact; human security and economic violence.

Download position paper in English (pdf)