Making Feminist Foreign Policy a reality

This policy brief outlines our main recommendations for countries pursuing a Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) approach, based on our experiences as a watchdog, dialogue partner and advisor to the Swedish FFP.

We hope to provide hands-on “do’s and don’ts” for Foreign Ministries and Governments in how to implement, organise, incentivise and measure the progress of feminist foreign policies and feminist development policies.

In addition to suggestions for tools and actions on how to organise internal structures, we are also outlining overarching perspectives that in our experience are crucial to ensure that an FFP can deliver. We also provide recommendations on how to strengthen a FFP’s durability and sustainability, also over changes in government.

Download the policy brief in English (pdf)

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The Game Changer—How a Feminist Foreign Policy could transform societies

The Game Changer is a publication which encourages more leaders to adopt a Feminist Foreign Policy and take on the fight for a gender-equal world.

In the publication, 16 Swedish civil society organisation that have been integral in shaping and implementing Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy for the last eight years comes together to share their experiences on successes and failures.

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