”He abused me for years,” recounts Maral from Armenia

Across the world, one in three women is subjected to violence or sexual violence – often by their partner or a family member. Maral is one of the many women who have been abused by their husband. She receives support from one of our partner organisations in Armenia.

Photo: Christopher Herwig
Photo: Christopher Herwig

Maral is 35 years old and comes from Armenia. For many years, she was abused by her alcoholic, drug-using husband – until she fled to Kvinna till Kvinna’s Armenian partner organisation Women’s Right Center.

”They are now my family”

“I have two children, but no family members who can help me and support me economically. Women’s Rights Center has become my family instead. They’ve given me psychological support, arranged for me to stay in a shelter in a different town, and even found work for me and a school where my children can feel safe,” she explains.

Maral’s husband made threats against the children’s previous school. Because of this, the head of the school refused to sign the necessary papers to let the children change school. But the women’s centre’s lawyers took care of the matter.

”They even make sure my children get to participate in fun activities, like going to the zoo or watching a play,” smiles Maral.

One in three women victim of violence

Around the world, one in three women will be subjected to violence during her lifetime – but less than half will ask for help. Of those who do, only 25% turns to the police, out of fear they will be subjected to further violence.

Many of Kvinna till Kvinna’s partner organisations work to change this. They offer shelters and psychological support to women who have fled from abusive relationships.