Photo: Julia Örtegren

The Gemaket programme

In Sweden, we run a programme called Gemaket. It gives girls and young women who have newly arrived in Sweden the chance to meet other girls who grew up in Sweden. Together, we talk about society, women’s rights and the things that matter in life. Participants can apply for funding to start a small project and get support from a personal mentor.

What is Gemaket?

Gemaket is a programme run by Kvinna till Kvinna in Sweden. The programme offers girls and young women who have recently arrived in Sweden a safe space – to speak up, be themselves and get to know other girls who grew up in Sweden. Participants meet every other week in small groups, over the space of three to six months. Together, we talk about society, gender equality and the things that matter in life.

During the programme, participants get the opportunity to develop their own small project or idea. They can even apply for funding to do so. A project can be anything from applying to higher education to setting up a football team.

Today, there are Gemaket groups in Gothenburg and Stockholm. We will soon be starting further groups in Linköping, Malmö and Uppsala. In 2019, another group will start in Umeå.

To connect Gemaket participants from all over Sweden, we invite all groups on a weekend trip to during their time in programme.

After Gemaket has ended, participants are assigned a personal mentor for ongoing support.

Women’s rights have always been a very important issue for me. That’s why I want to make a difference in this world.

– Saba Barmayehvar, participant in Gemaket Stockholm

Photo: Julia Örtegren.

Take part in Gemaket!

Are you between 15 and 25 years old and newly arrived in Sweden? Great! Then you can join Gemaket. Just fill in your details and press "Send" – we'll be in touch.
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Who can participate in Gemaket?

You can participate in Gemaket if you:

  • identify as a girl or young woman
  • are between the ages of 15 and 25
  • recently arrived in Sweden OR lived in Sweden for a few years
  • have basic Swedish skills (fluency is not required)
  • are interested in women’s rights and equality

Participating in Gemaket is free. Kvinna till Kvinna pays for all the costs of the weekend trip to Stockholm (travel, lodging and food). We also provide coffee, tea and snacks for the regular group meetings.

Why participate?

Looking for friends? Gemaket allows you to connect with other girls who share your experience of being new in Sweden! It also allows you to meet girls who grew up in Sweden and who can help you find your way.

Interested in women’s rights? Gemaket lets you learn more about equality, gender norms and women’s rights issues with others who share your passion.

Have lots of ideas for projects? Gemaket helps you turn those ideas into reality. You can even apply for funding to get one step closer to fulfilling your dreams!

Gemaket is financed by Arvsfonden (the Swedish Inheritance Fund) and run in cooperation with the study association Sensus.

What does "Gemaket" mean?

The name “Gemaket” comes from an old Swedish word to describe a luxurious, salon-like room. Throughout history, women seldom had access to a room of their own, where they could be themselves in the company of other women. Our programme is called “Gemaket” because we want to reclaim space for girls and young women!

Questions about Gemaket?

Feel free to contact us at

“Gemaket is a lovely sisterhood. The best part about the programme is making so many new friends and learning more about yourself.”

– Nour Saeed, participant in Gemaket

Photo: Julia Örtegren.

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