Statement: A feminist perspective on the global response to covid-19

Photo: Maja Janevska Ilieva
Photo: Maja Janevska Ilieva

In order to halt the rapid spread of the coronavirus, many countries are now in a state of emergency. Kvinna till Kvinna has supported women’s rights organisations in conflict affected countries and in crises for many years, and we know that without a gender perspective on the response to covid-19, women’s priorities will not be taken into consideration. If we are determined enough, covid-19 could give us a possibility to transform this sudden change in a positive new direction by challenging unequal power distribution, unequal economic structures and patriarchal norms.

Apart from urging the Swedish government to be a strong and loud advocate for a feminist perspective in the corona response, we recommend Sweden and the international donor community to:

  • make sure support is long-term and sustainable.
  • rapidly review the need for extra support to women’s rights organisations and women’s shelters.
  • closely monitor developments of social unrest and violence conflict.
  • have a long-term perspective on how women’s economic empowerment could be increased in poor countries in the wake of the coronavirus.
  • include local women’s rights organisations in developing short term and long-term support programmes.
  • put pressure on authoritarian regimes to put time limits on corona measures that restricts the freedom and movement of citizens.
  • prioritise funding which builds human security.

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A feminist perspective on the global response to covid-19

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