Gendered Impacts of the Lachin Corridor Blockade

Since December 2022, a humanitarian crisis has been unfolding around the Nagorny Karabakh context. For already two months, the Lachin corridor—the only road, which connects Armenia with Nagorny Karabakh, has been blockaded, sealing off both the primary and alternative routes in and out of the area and indefinitely suspending mobility for people and goods.

Mobility restrictions and existence in survival mode heighten already acute feelings of instability and compromise human security along a variety of vectors, including food, social, economic, physical, mental, and digital security. These human security challenges impair women’s meaningful political and socioeconomic participation on all levels, especially for women and girls experiencing various forms of oppression.

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation has compiled a brief analysis of the gendered impacts of the current blockade, based on conversations with women human rights defenders and organisations on the ground, representing all involved contexts. Kvinna till Kvinna calls upon key actors and stakeholders to shed light on the current situation.

Download the brief in English (pdf)

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