Supporting feminist organising experiences and learnings from the Middle East and North Africa

This report looks at a range of approaches aimed at improving institutional and private donors support to feminist organisers and collective and individual women’s rights’ actors in MENA. It is divided into three parts: analysis, policy recommendations, and three selected case studies. The case studies are in-depth interviews with feminist organisers from three recently established and/or small-scale organisations: Gharssah, Egna Legna and Assiwar. This report is an invitation for interested donors and funding agencies to move towards a model of “trust-based” funding practices focusing on analysing and understanding the ways feminist organisers and women’s rights advocates engage and organise. To support feminist organisations in MENA, we provide the reader with six key recommendations to achieve sustainability in funding, strategies, solidarity and connections, partnership and advocacy.

Download the full report here (pdf, English)

Podcast Episode #1: Feminist Funding and Movement Building

In this first episode of Kvinna till Kvinna’s podcast series we talk about how to sustain and resource the feminist movement in the MENA region. In this episode, our host Paola Salwan Daher is talking to Banchi Yimer, Director and Co-founder of Egna Legna, Rachel Dore-Weeks, Director of UN Women Lebanon, and Pontso Mafethe, Director of Programmes at the African Women Development Fund (AWFD) about the importance and impact of feminist funding and practices for emerging feminist organisations and collectives.


Podcast credits*

Episode 1:

  • This episode was produced by Hussain Hijazi.
  • The photo featured on this episode is designed by Elissa Shamma.
  • The episode was moderated by Paola Salwan Daher; Paola is the Senior Global Advocacy Advisor at the Geneva Office of the Center for Reproductive Rights, and she is a board member of Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights.
  • Sound design by Hussain Hijazi.