Building a grassroots and women-led response to covid-19 in Syria

Whether globally or nationally, the pandemic has revealed the injustices and inequalities of the systems, and in conflict-affected areas it has further exposed food insecurity, gender-based violence, destroyed health-care systems, and extreme poverty.  

In Syria, the outbreak encounters numerous other crises; economic, humanitarian, social and health crisis. For women and girls, the most affected by conflict, and who are already marginalised, it means facing new exacerbated protection challenges daily.  

This paper presents the main findings of an assessment on the effects of covid-19 on women rights and gender equality conducted by Kvinna till Kvinna in April 2020 with its Syrian partner organisations.  

The recommendations put forward are aimed to guide the donor-, and international community’s way forward in Syria to ensure a more flexible and empathetic support to women and girls and local women-led grassroots organisations considering he covid-19 pandemic and the needed community led responses. 

  • Flexible funding and relations between the donors and local women-led organisations
  • A collective intersectional response
  • Advocating for joint monitoring and women’s inclusion

Download full report in English here:
Building a grassroots and Women-led response to covid-19 in Syria