Photo: Maja Brand

Covid-19 and women’s rights

Crises always reinforce structural differences and injustices. The coronavirus pandemic will hit women especially hard, in particular in countries with widespread poverty, poor health care systems and non-existent social protection. Meanwhile, closed borders and curfews restrict the work for women's rights around the world.

Gender-based violence almost always increases in societies under stress and trauma. An economic crisis will also hit women particularly hard as more women than men have unsafe jobs, work part-time or in the informal sector. Another serious consequence of the crisis is how authoritarian regimes make use of the coronavirus pandemic and the extraordinary sanctions to strengthen their own power and shrink the democratic space for their citizens.

A feminist perspective on the global response to covid-19

In order to halt the rapid spread of the coronavirus, many countries are now in a state of emergency. Kvinna till Kvinna has supported women’s rights organisations in conflict affected countries and in crises for many years, and we know that without a gender perspective on the response to covid-19, women’s priorities will not be taken into consideration. If we are determined enough, the pandemic could give us a possibility to transform this sudden change in a positive new direction by challenging unequal power distribution, unequal economic structures and patriarchal norms.

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