Webinar: Feminist Critique of neo-liberal economics

Registration link:  here.

Deadline to register: 17th of October 2021

Speaker: Jennifer Olmsted, Author of Feminist Critique of Neoliberalism in the MENA region, a report by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

By providing the platform to discuss a feminist critique of neoliberal economics and the shared experiences and counteracting strategies from the MENA region, we would like to contribute to the creation of an inclusive and intersectional network.

Through this webinar, we would like to:

  • Identify grassroots and community’s advocacy needs and challenges and exchange good practices;
  • Build capacities of young feminist activists and other participants to challenge neoliberal narratives and provide creative tools to develop new advocacy;
  • Inspire participants for influencing gender-sensitive politics and policies at the local and international level


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