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Photo: Eva Corijn / Kvinna till Kvinna

Building a grassroots and women-led response to covid-19 in Syria

Exposing the gap (2020)

Survey on impact and long-term needs of women’s actors in the context of covid-19

Statement: A feminist perspective on the global response to covid-19

Where’s the Money for Women’s Rights? (2020)

A Right Not a Gift (2020)

Watchdog Monitoring Report (2020)

Strengthening EU Support to Gender Equality Through External Action (2020)

The Fierce and the Furious (2019)

Women’s rights in Western Balkans (2019)

Two steps forward, one step back (2019)

Maintaining a Role for Women’s Organizations in International Development Finance

Listen to Her – Gendered Effects of the Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh and Women’s Priorities for Peace

From Law to Practice (2019)

A Violent Network

GUŠENJE POKRETA – Suffocating the Movement


Suffocating the movement – Shrinking space for women’s rights (2018)

Mind the GAP – An independent evaluation of the implementation of the EU Gender Action Plan II in Western Balkan countries

Participation of Syrian women in political processes 2012–2016 – Literature review

A new European perspective for the Western Balkans, or more of the same? (2018)

Building resilience – Counteracting the shrinking space for women’s rights

What’s gender got to do with it? Gender analysis of 2018 European Commission Country Reports for the Western Balkans

Women’s Rights in Western Balkans

The gendered matter of violence

“Do not underestimate my strength!” – From war to sustainable peace (2016)

Violations against women in Syria and the disproportionate impact of the conflict on them (2016)

Handbook – Gender- and conflict-sensitive journalism (2015)

Young women’s peace charter (2015)

Fact sheet: Violence against women in Iraq (2015)

#Femdefenders – Young women who tear down barriers (2015)

Gender Audit of the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Region (2015)

“Peacebuilding defines our future now” (2015)

Femdefenders: The hatred against women human rights defenders – online and offline (2014)

Patriotism and Patriarchy (2014)

Peace journalism (2013)

Equal power – Lasting peace (2012)

Change in progress! (2012)

Fact sheet: Women’s security is ignored (2012)

Missing the target (2012)

Women’s participation in peace negotiations (2012)

Fact sheet: Women give a voice to civil society (2012)

Fact sheet: Women are important in peace processes (2012)

Fact sheet: Violence against women as a weapon (2012)

Integrated Security: a manual (2011)

Making achievements last – Learning from exit experiences (2011)

Make room for peace (2011)

Building security – A contribution to the debate on security policy (2011)

UNSCR 1325 in Europe – 21 case studies of implementation (2010)

Study of national action plans for UNSC resolution 1325 – Nordic countries (2010)

Ten recommendations for UNSCR 1325 implementation (2010)

Link between domestic violence and armed conflict (2010)

Insiste Persiste Resiste Existe (2008)

Good and bad examples – Lesson learned from working with resolution 1325 (2007)

Pushing the limits – Young women’s voices about war, peace and power (2007)

To make room for changes – Peace strategies from women’s organisations in Bosnia & Herzegovina (2006)

Security on whose terms? – If men and women were equal (2005)

Voices from the field – About prosecution of sexualised violence in an international context (2004)

Rethink! A handbook for sustainable peace (2004)

War is not over with the last bullet – Overcoming obstacles in the healing process (2002)