The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation in Liberia

Hope Kindergarten School, partner organisation Woriwa. Photo: Wolobah Sali

Kvinna till Kvinna has supported women’s rights in Liberia since 2011 and officially opened its country office in 2011. After the women’s movement played a substantial part in ending the country’s two civil wars, there was little participation from women in positions of power, businesses, or government.

Kvinna till Kvinna believes in promoting gender equality from the bottom-up, supporting women and women-led organisations as agents for change, and fostering their unity through creating safe spaces for exchange and networking.

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Margaret Bouibo is distributing record books during one of the community workshop meetings. Photo: Wolobah Sali

Why we work in Liberia

Liberia has a history of violence and armed conflict. The country’s women’s movement has played a major role in establishing peace. Unfortunately, women still face challenges such as:

  • lack of women’s political representation
  • lack of education
  • extreme poverty
  • gender-based violence, including domestic abuse and female genital mutilation.


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Rights holder Mamie, Rural Women Rights Structures in Liberia. Photo: The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation/Vita W. Kwarbo

How we support women in Liberia

Together with our partner organisations in Liberia, we:

  • support women’s political participation, decision-making, and peacebuilding.
  • involve men in supporting women’s economic empowerment and addressing negative masculinity.
  • support LGBTQI communities and other survivors to access safe spaces, justice, and the right to sexual reproductive health rights.
  • establishing girls’ and boys’ clubs in school to address SRHR and support women and girls SRHR.
  • support women and youth with HIV/AIDS and raise awareness of the disease.
  • network with key stakeholders such as UN Women, Human Right Defender Networks and Government of Liberia.
Gemama is a women leader and Community Rights Committee Head of Watco Camp Community. Photo: Wolobah Sali

Our partner organisations in Liberia

  • Humanity Care Liberia (HCL)
  • Liberia National Rural Women Structure (LNRWS)
  • Liberian Women Empowerment Network (LIWEN)
  • Organization for Women and Children (ORWOCH)
  • Rural Women and Girls’ Right Foundation (RWGRF)
  • Sisters 4 Sisters
  • West Point Women for Health and Development Organization (WPWHDO)
  • Women for Self-Employment (WE4SELF)
  • Women NGOs Secretariat of Liberia (WONGOSOL)
  • Women Rights Watch (WORIWA)
  • Women in Agriculture for Sustainable Development (WASUDEV)

News from our partners in Liberia

Last updated or reviewed 3 April 2024