International statement of solidarity—earthquake in Syria and Turkey

We are deeply saddened by the terrible effects of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey early Monday morning. The death toll has passed 11,000 with thousands more injured and in dire need of shelter and imminent necessities.

We are communicating with women’s rights organisations and civil society groups on the ground to assess their needs and to assist them in their work.

Our partners have shared being overwhelmed and deeply affected by displacement, destruction and losses. We extend our utmost solidarity to them at this time of profound grief.

We acknowledge and recognise the difficult task that is upon our partners to support their teams, families and communities. Right now, they are seeking support from us to be able to continue to operate and provide crucial assistance to those affected by the earthquake.

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation has activated our emergency fund to provide urgent support to women’s rights organisations on the ground.

This disaster has drastically worsened the humanitarian crisis the Syrian people are living under, after more than a decade of war and conflict. We urge the international community to act quickly and generously in their response to the disaster and acknowledge that women and girls will be disproportionately impacted in crises like these.

In solidarity,

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation